SONG MEANINGS: Pensato, Alex and Copenhagen

I don't often explain or share song meanings. This last time I did this was in 2014 for my albums "A song to remember" and "Music all around" I used to get offended but not any more if someone asked me: "are there any words for this song?" 

All my compositions have themes and carry a leitmotif. Below is the meaning of each song from my latest album Pensato. I've also added my two singles Copenhagen and Alexander.

Pensato 2019 : 







Conundrum: A confusing time in your life. Thoughts and riddles in your mind like a carousel. A troubled mind with problems to solve.

Hope In Anticipation: To have hope and anticipating the arrival. Yet it never arrives, but one stays hopeful. 

80’s Nostalgia: I was born in the 80’s. Nostalgia about this decade. The way things were, the music and just being nostalgic about the 80’s. I used 80s drums and instruments to encompass this era. 

Like a song of Kate: This song is a dedication to Kate Bush. This song reminds me of something that Kate would compose, mysterious and unknown. I could only think of this title, to use as a track name. This song portrays the sentiment when I first heard "Wuthering Heights"

Pensato: An Italian musical term meaning. An imaginary or very soft and tender note.

Melancholic: Feeling or expressing pensive sadness.

A Dark Place: The wrong place at the right time... We've all been there, a caliginous sombre time in your life

Lost and Found: Quite a ironic thing to say. Could you be both of these at the same time?

Sad But True: The truth does not always set you free. It could be sad and true.

7.7 Billion: The world population in 2019. There’s too many of us and we are destroying our home.

Sanctuary: My home is my sanctuary or haven. This includes my family, friends and animals. 

Copenhagen 2019 Single:







My first trip abroad and I found a gem of a place called København in Denmark. The empty streets and not congested with people. The fresh air, Nyhavn, the ethos, antiquity, ambiance, the food and people. A place to long for once you’ve been there.

Alexander 2019 Single: 







This song is dedicated to my boy cat Alexander. He was taken too early and was only 5 human years old. The most loving spirit I’ve come across in my entire life. He was not just a cat... 

I composed and recording this song 2 days after his passing. RIP dear Alex.


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