Pensato - New Album Coming Soon... 

My new album "Pensato" will be out soon !

I started recording Pensato in January 2018 and it is almost ready to be released.

Some of the track titles will be :

  • Conundrum
  • Hope In Anticipation
  • Lost And Found
  • Like A Song Of Kate
  • Melancholic
  • Sad But True
  • 80s Nostalgia
  • Sanctuary
  • Pensato

and more...


To Compose or Decompose ... Steemit Post 

To Compose or Decompose ... Steemit Post


How do I compose music ... 

Is it a phenomenon? ... 

I have my own ways and they are not set in stone. 

Composing music is an art, for some there's also calculations or math involved, for example in some sequential classical music. 

I get inspired by life, experiences, religion, people, etc ... 

My best place to compose is to play my old upright piano with a handheld recorder, or a cellphone's voice recorder works very well! I then literary start improvising and recording them as I go along. If something sounds good, I keep recording and I'll call it a "sketch" or a draft. 

They do not always get names immediately. That's why I call them sketches or ideas. Sometimes I list back to old sketches that I never used and then they sound amazing. So do not throw them all away. 

I never play incomplete songs to anyone. 

I do not compose all the time. I usually work towards a project or an album.  
I try and release an album every year, but it is not always possible. People do not realize how long it takes. The composing, arranging and recording takes several months. 

Once again you must work toward a goal or a theme.  
For example my album Music All around inspired by the universe and space. Risurrezione by faith and religion. 

To most time consuming for me is the transcription. These days we are lucky to have music software to help us. I use Musescore music notating software. This is very important and enables you to copyright your music.  

How long does it take to compose a song? 

Well ... it depends ... sometimes you compose the most amazing song under 5 minutes! It just works!  
Then you have ideas / sketches that you work on for hours, weeks or even months! 

Composing instrumental music needs a lot of depth and detail. You do not have lyrics to help you. 

Studying Music and Composition 

Studying music definitely helps your music-ability and knowledge, so I believe it could make you a better composer. It could also improve the quality of your compositions. 

Thanks for reading :) 


My New Album "Unresolved" Now Available on Bandcamp ! 

Hi All, 

My new album Unresolved is now available on Bandcamp. You can download/stream from the website or mobile apps. 

It will soon be available on iTunes, Google play and many other online stores.

I hope you enjoy it ! :)



Happy 2016 ! Keyz Music 

Hi Everyone, 
Happy New Year! and I wish you all the best for 2016  :)

So, there is rumour that I've opened a music school and yes it is true. 
KEYZ Music officially opened January 2016. I will offer Piano, Keyboard and Music Production tuition from my studio based in Alberton Johannesburg, South Africa. 
For more info, go to


New album progress 


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update about the new album. I expect to release it around end of September 2015.
Entitled "Risurrezione" with artwork created by Lionah Chimara. I met Lionah a while back and I really loved
her work and asked her to create the artwork. 

I don't want to give too much away, but the album is about healing and I'm very excited for you all to hear it :)
It will first be available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and then later on Compact Disc. The CD will specifically showcase
the artwork. 

Thank you for all the support !

Bernardt James

Song Meanings 

 23 October 2014
So here it is! Some of them quite personal to me or someone close to me.
Song Meanings:

Album : Music All Around


Omega Centauri
This song was inspired by the “Omega Centauri” Galaxy. The immense power of God’s creation, colours bursting with energy.
The Time Traveller
I imagined myself being a time traveller...

A melody reminiscing in my head, building up to something spectacular !
Inspired from a song in the late 70’s.
A somewhat small connection between the two songs, but quite significant to me
Lost for Words
A melody that derived from the same idea as “A song to remember”
A haunting, but yet promising and hopeful tune…
The Journey
When I composed this song I pictured myself tied in front of an old steam train.
I try to express the adrenaline rush throughout this song. 
Dark sonata
A “twisted” sonata in a minor key. It almost reminds you of the beloved Mozart piano sonatas.
Beethoven’s Fifth
Not a song traditionally played on a piano, but I did it !
Sad Blue sky
This song is very personal and it’s about a relative. He fell ill with a painful disease. I imagined him experiencing this and the pain, looking up at the sad blue sky. Don't listen to this song if you are feeling sad.
Music All Around
The title track from my album. This song was born a couple of years ago, but it never felt right until this album.
This song is all about serenity.
Everything around you falls apart, but there is still a tiny bit of hope...
The Portal
Imagine yourself walking through a portal that transports you to a different place or time…

Album: A Song to Remember

A Song to Remember
The first waltz you would dance to at your wedding. A new beginning …
Jupiter (from the Planets)
My favourite movement from the “Planets”. A masterpiece composed by Gustav Holst. You’ll notice 2 pianos layered over one another.
A Boesendorfer Imperial 290 Grand and a Yamaha Concert Grand.
This entire album was recorded in memory of my late Grandmother “Maria Janse van Rensburg”. Her pride and honour throughout her life. This emotion
reflected in this song.
Leave us behind
With this composition I tried to express how you would feel when you’ve lost a family member through death. The feeling that you were left behind…
The Misty Valley.
Edward Grieg’s famous melody. I imagine giants and trolls living in caves on a mountain, and hiding under bridges.
The Last Road Travelled
I was fortunate enough to spend my very last and special trip with my Grandmother. We took her from the hospital to a “Stepdown” Clinic.
This song paints a picture of my experience with her on this trip.
My Eden
The promise of Eden. A melody of hope and inspiration
Prelude in C minor
A funeral song by Chopin.
Memories of you
Remembering someone you’ve lost and how the memories become faded.
I Am Calling
A song trying to find true love. You don't know this person yet....
The Wedding Prayer
Wedding bliss and promise of happiness
Ode to June
An ode to my birth month.
My home is you
A love song for your soul mate. “ We could live anywhere, but you are my home”
As jy die son kan onder kry
Another love song explaining endless love. You’ll never be able to stop the sun from rising in morning. A Simile of your undying love for someone