Bernardt James

At an early age Bernardt James, demonstrated exceptional musical ability and chose the piano as his creative medium. With the guidance of his high school music teacher Marietjie Steyn, Bernardt was able to quickly develop his talent and soon began composing since the age of 15.

He studied classical and contemporary music in Pretoria, South Africa. Bernardt is a full-time performer, arranger, composer, recording artist and piano teacher.




















Registered Works 26 Jan 2017 Last updated list of my works registered with SAMRO 141 KB


February 2012 - Never saw blue like that (available on CD only)

May 2013 - A song to remember (available on digital stores worldwide and CD)

August 2014 - Music all around (available on digital stores worldwide and CD)

October 2015 - Risurrezione (available on digital stores worldwide and CD)






November 2017 - Unresolved (available on digital stores worldwide)